Bridge between specialists from Eastern Europe and large Western corporations

Benefits for the employee

Body leasing is a great way to gain access to a wide range of job opportunities, which can help you get valuable experience in different industries and job roles. It also provides you with opportunities to learn new skills and work with different teams, which can help them grow professionally and enhance their resume.


International projects

Being a part of an international IT project provides you with the opportunity to work in a unique team, which can broaden your perspective and increase your understanding of different ways of doing things.


Completion of formalities by Anchor

We take care of all the formalities, so do not need to worry about paperwork or any legal requirements. You can just focus on your next challange in IT area.


High salary

Your salary is an important part of your quality of life. It can provide financial security and stability, which can help improve overall well-being.


Flexible working hours

Flexible hours can help you achieve a better work-life balance by allowing you to work during the hours that best suit your needs.


Side Job

We all know that a side job can help you make some extra cash, but it can also offer an opportunity to develop new skills or hone existing ones. This can help you become more marketable and increase your chances of career advancement.

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